Friday, January 28, 2022

Nausheen Ali Sardar reveals being spiritually evolved

Mumbai, Jan 2 (IANS): Some characters are not easily forgettable and one among them is the innocent, hardworking girl ‘Kkusum’ from the eponymous TV show which became a household name.

The actress who played the character with perfection – Nausheen Ali Sardar – is still remembered for her role. Nausheen reveals about being spiritually evolved with time.

She says: “After experiencing 2020 as one of the worst years of my life as I’m sure many people did. In fact I also felt that sinking feeling of not knowing what comes next. But to make matters worse my mother was stuck at my cousin’s place for a long time and so I was alone at the time of the lockdown.

“It was terrible. I almost felt like being in a solitary jail until my mom came back. 2021 was a year of healing for me to get out of the depression of 2020. It was not only what ‘I felt’ but also what the world went through. I feel I have spiritually evolved and have come out stronger. Now I take each day as a new day.”

She has earlier also featured in shows like ‘Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga’, ‘Gangaa’, ‘The Adventures of Hatim’ among others and says she is open to both digital and television shows.

Nausheen says: “I made my OTT debut last year. And now 2022 looks promising work wise. I have never limited myself to one platform. I have done theatre, modelling, music videos, movies, stage shows and television. And have no favourites. To me my work is my passion. And I’m learning something new everyday.”



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